VaporBLUNT VS Vapir NO2

Vapor BLUNT 2.0

The VaporBLUNT and Vapir NO2 have a lot in common. So naturally, you will see a lot of debate over which is better and why. Seeing as I am a long time NO2 owner and current VaporBLUNT aficionado, I feel like I have a lot to say on the subject. Read on to see how these two vapes stack up against each other.

Vapor Quality

The Vapir NO2 has an herb chamber very similar to the VaporBLUNT’s, both being almost identical in size. When packed correctly the NO2 can produce some nice thick vapor, however, the amount of thick draws you get from it can vary a lot through each use. I never really got one consistent experience even though I was packing it the same each time.

The VaporBLUNT consistently delivers huge and thick vapor pulls after I mastered how exactly to pack it. In my steps on how to use the VaporBLUNT you can see exactly what I mean by that. When packed correctly and sent into boost mode the VB will give you one of the best portable vaporizing experiences available. So as you can see there is little competition here.

Advantage: VaporBLUNT

Rechargeable Battery

The Vapir NO2’s rechargeable battery is actually rather impressive. It normally lasts for about an hour and a half, but can take up to 3 hours to charge, which is a little on the long side. Also the battery display is messed up on almost every NO2. No matter how much battery life you have left it will display one battery cell left. They might as well have no indicator what so ever.

The VaporBLUNT’s lithium-ion rechargeable battery last for about the same as the NO2, about an hour and a half, but with one major difference. The VaporBLUNT only takes about an hour to reach it’s full charge. I would say the NO2 has a leg up with their battery level indicator, but it never works so it’s basically the same as not having one.

Advantage: VaporBLUNT

The VaporBLUNT has a similarly sized herb chamber to the NO2, but without the extra thickness.

Construction / Build

The Vapir NO2 has a plastic frame that has always seemed sturdy to me. I never had any problem with it cracking or breaking and the temperature display has always worked well, not the battery indicator though.

The VaporBLUNT also has a plastic frame, but no temperature display. You can look at that as an advantage or disadvantage because on one hand you don’t get to set a perfectly precise temp, but you also don’t have to worry about the temp display breaking.

Advantage: Push


The NO2 uses a plastic whip tubing and mouthpiece to deliver vapor. You can use the Vapir NO2 without the tubing, but I always found that the NO2 really needed that extra length from the tubing to deliver vapor that wasn’t overbearingly hot. So if you lose the tubing be prepared to buy some replacements.

With the VB you have small plastic mouthpieces with no tubing. Despite there not being that extra space that tubing delivers, the herb chamber is at the opposite end of the mouthpiece, so it travels within the VaporBLUNT. Also you can add on the flavored mouthpiece tips that put a nice flavor on your lips. It’s not a requirement but I find the flavored tips to be pretty awesome.

Advantage: VaporBLUNT

Bottom Line

The VaporBLUNT is definitely similar to the Vapir NO2, there’s no denying that. However, the VaporBLUNT outperforms the NO2 in all the categories that they are similar in, making it hands down the superior vaporizer.

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