VaporBLUNT VS Palm Vaporizer

Pinnacle portable vaporizer

Today we have a little sibling rivalry going on, with the original Vapor BLUNT going against its little brother, the Palm Vape. Let’s see how the two stack up.

Vapor Quality

It is well documented, especially on this site, how great a vapor quality the VaporBLUNT can achieve in a relatively small package. Once you master a few small tricks on how to use the Vapor Blunt you can have it pumping out huge vapor pulls with ease, all while remaining a cool and pleasant experience with no harshness.

The Palm Vaporizer, unfortunately, does not match the VB in vapor quality. However, it provides smooth vapor pulls that stay pretty cool and the all glass vapor path definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. If you are at all familiar with the Magic Flight, or better yet have used one, you will be familiar with the Palm’s vapor quality. Although the Palm Vape in my opinion is superior to the MFLB.

Advantage: VaporBLUNT

Rechargeable Battery

The VaporBLUNT vape’s lithium-ion battery gives you about an hour to an hour and a half of non-stop vaporizing time. It also takes about the same time, maybe a slight bit more, to reach a full charge. Most impressive is how fast it gets the VB hot. Usually only taking about a minute to reach your target vaporizing temperature.

The Palm herbal vaporizer uses rechargeable external batteries that you use a wall charger to charge up. They take about 3-4 hours to reach a full charge and only last about 30 minutes of continuous use per battery. Since it comes with two batteries, that means you are going to get about an hour total out of them both. The advantage here is the battery, when pushed in, instantly heats up the vape, giving you vapor pulls in as little as 5-7 seconds.

Advantage: VaporBLUNT

The mouthpieces on the VaporBLUNT and Palm Vape are interchangeable.


The VB vape has a long, slim polycarbonate design with a stainless steel screen. Having put my Vapor BLUNT through the motions quite a bit I can confidently say that it can take a pretty severe beating and keep on ticking. The heater is firmly in place within the polycarbonate build, so you don’t get much shaking or rattling around on the inside. All in all, the VB is a very solid vape and comfortable to hold.

The Palm portable vaporizer has a similar polycarbonate build, but also has a plastic screen cover that can take a good beating as well. The way it is designed you gold it like you would a normal pipe and it lines the battery up right to your thumb, so pushing the battery in to heat it up is very comfortable and kind of feels like second nature. The glass vapor path, the most fragile piece, is mostly surrounded by the polycarbonate build, so it breaking is not really of any concern. Just like its big bro, the Palm is durable and comfortable to use.

Advantage: Push


The VaporBLUNT herb vape is a bit deceiving from pictures you see beforehand. Initially I thought the VB would only be only about 5 inches long, more towards the size of a large marker. It is actually about 8 inches, but still only thick as about a half dollar. This does interfere with it being as portable as some might like. For instance, you won’t be throwing it in your pocket and hitting the road unless you have some massive pockets.

The Palm Vaporizer is about as portable as a vaporizer comes these days. Sure there are those smaller “pen vapes” but most don’t offer the same quality experience you will get from the Palm Vape. Since the battery lines up right under the glass vapor path you have a slim design that you can carry in your pocket with or without the battery in there, definitely a smart design idea. It is only a hair over 4 inches long, so throwing it in your pocket or bag you will barely even notice it.

Advantage: Palm Vaporizer

The lithium-ion battery used by the VB is much more efficient and lasts longer.

Bottom Line

It is hard to compare these two because, despite them both being portable vaporizers, they are very different in design and functionality. If you are looking for something for use mainly at home, but also won’t constrict you to one spot in the house then the VaporBLUNT is for you. If you need something you can use at home and also take virtually anywhere with you the Palm Vape is what you want.

Vapor BLUNT 2.0
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