VaporBLUNT Troubleshooting

Pinnacle portable vaporizer

If the hole on the left is blocked, you need to remove the small piece that is blocking it.

My Vapor Blunt is heating up, but there is no vapor

First and foremost make sure you have properly cleaned out the VaporBLUNT and it isn’t simply clogged. If you just received it new and have this problem then your vapor path is most likely blocked by a small cut out that is supposed to be removed before being sent from the factory, but sometimes it is not by mistake.

Remove the top cap, including the mouthpiece, of the Vapor BLUNT. Look at the bottom and you will see a black felt-like material. If you see a hole there you are good to go and just need to clean out the VB, if you see no hole but a circle where the hole should be simply punch out that hole and the vapor will now be able to make its way to the mouthpiece.

Connecting the stir tool to the screen as seen above makes removing the screen quick and easy.

My screen won’t come out of the chamber

If you don’t remove and clean the screen often it can essentially become stuck in there. Getting it out the typical way with the stir tool will be next to impossible and could damage the the stir tool itself. Instead take a q-tip and dampen it with some rubbing alcohol and rub the walls of the herb chamber and the screen. This will slowly break up the thick build up. Do so until you can use the stir tool to remove the screen.

I am not getting enough vapor

This is simply because you need to pack more material in. It says in the instructions not to over-pack the VB, but I have found this is to be far from true. I pack the chamber almost as tight as can be, packing the material down as much as possible. When you put the stir tool cap back on after loading it the stir tool should actually give you a little resistance when turning it at first, letting you know you’ve packed it tight enough.

Now make sure you skip the green light and go straight for the yellow light(boost mode). After the blinking yellow light turns solid wait another minute before pulling and you should get the results you are looking for.

Vapor BLUNT 2.0
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  • Emily Berns

    My vapor blunt heats up but I don’t get huge vapor clouds, as I’ve seen in other review videos. What am I doing wrong? I just got my vaporizer less than a week ago.