VaporBLUNT Pro Kit

Vapor BLUNT 2.0

The VaporBLUNT Pro Kit with Pelican case and custom foam.

I just got the new VaporBLUNT Pro Kit. Now that I have one in my hands it’s time to take a close look at everything this kit offers and whether or not it is worth your time either as a current or potential VaporBLUNT owner.

You already know how great the VaporBLUNT is and if you don’t you simply need to read our full VaporBLUNT review. Hint: It’s amazing.

The main component of the Pro Kit is a Pelican brand carrying case, which if you have ever owned one you will know these things are virtually indestructible and are also made in the USA. The outer shell of the case just feels so solid and sturdy. Put it this way, if I had a baby I’d feel safe storing it in a Pelican case.

Starting with the outside of the case, the first thing I noticed was a nice handle right in the center, making it kind of like a briefcase almost. To the left and right are clips that are used to pop the case open. The clips are “double throw latches” which basically means pulling slightly pops the case ajar which makes then completely unsnapping them really simple. A lot of waterproof cases are extremely hard to open because of the airtight seal.

The Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve hard at work keeping your case waterproof.

Well, not only do the double throw latches make it easy to open, but Pelican has a unique “automatic pressure equalization valve” on this case. What that does is push out extra air all while keeping water and dust out. Neat little invention for sure.

Right next to each latch is a small hole, one on each side, that are there so you can take a pad lock and keep your case secure from any shady people trying to get in. I happen to live in an apartment with a roommate who routinely mooches off me, so it’s nice to have a little security.

Remove the custom foam from the Pelican case to carry whatever you would like.

Once you open the case up is when you really see what this kit is offering up. The custom foam has cutouts that perfectly fit the VaporBLUNT herbal vaporizer, the wall charger, a 4 piece mini grinder, and then an additional squared space to store whatever you want, for example when it comes it has the instruction manual, mouthpieces, bamboo cleaning stick, and cleaning brush. Each cutout also has a small extra groove cut so that you can easily pluck the VaporBLUNT and other pieces from their custom foam spot easily. I can imagine with that not being there it would get kind of annoying to pull everything out.

Two stage latches make opening your Pro Kit and accessing the VaporBLUNT quick and easy.

The next thing I noticed was they left the custom foam cut removable. So when you take it out you are left with an empty case, but with the foam layers on top and bottom. With this you can conceivably store whatever you want, not just your VaporBLUNT vaporizer. I thought that was a pretty cool thing to do, not tie the customer down to one option with their case.

In the case already in its custom spot is a Diamond Grind 4 piece aluminum colored grinder. Diamond Grind, if you aren’t familiar, are a premium grinder company, not just some random “mystery metal” grinder you get in a lot of places. These things are made form super strong anodized aluminum and can take a serious beating. Another nice little surprise in there was an extra VaporBLUNT screen. To me, the screens are the most valuable thing you can get. I have a terrible habit of losing mine when cleaning so having an extra laying around definitely helps and since it’s in the case I don’t have to worry about losing it.

Holes on each side for a pad lock to keep your Pro Kit closed and locked from others.

Since I got this kit I have taken my VaporBLUNT portable vaporizer with me routinely. I have it in my trunk pad locked for whenever the mood strikes me to grab it and have a quick session with my friends. Especially tailgating, this thing is a life saver.

I honestly can’t really find anything bad to say about the VaporBLUNT Pro Kit. The case alone would be enough, but throw in the extra screen, the grinder, and even the airtight rewritable EZVapes herb jar and all weather decal and this is a deal that is next to impossible to pass up. Now most of you probably already have a VaporBLUNT vape, but don’t worry. EZVapes offers the case by itself to not leave out those who purchased one already. Check out all the info on the VaporBLUNT Pro Kit.

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