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Review of: Vapor Blunt 2.0
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On March 21, 2013
Last modified:June 24, 2013


The VaporBLUNT 2.0 takes everything you loved about the original and improves upon it. The screen is vastly improved, easier to clean, and lasts longer between having to clean. With its smaller size and excellent vapor quality, the VB 2.0 stands up against the best of the best among portable vaporizers.

Hey youuu guuu-uuuys! Hopefully you’ve seen The Goonies, and you know that your ol’ friend Sloth is back once again, getting all of your eyes on me for this in-depth review of the very badass VaporBLUNT 2.0. There’s a lot to go over here, so since the pleasantries have been duly dispensed, shall we dance? Threw that last part in just to give you the visual of yourself waltzing with the Sloth man. Forgive me.

First up is the price. At $249.99 suggested retail, it’s no chump investment, but nothing close to the lifelong commitment a volcano price tag will bring with its huge number. Bottom line is, it’s a quality middle-of-the-road vape that deserves its due props. And after using it for however long, most are going to conclude the same and be confident it will last you for many years to come.

VaporBLUNT 2.0

The 2 year warranty also helps, and with the proper upkeep and careful handling, you may just find yourself still vaping with this unit in some subterranean igloo during the next ice age. It really is that sturdy and well-made. So for the price, I have to say it’s simply worth it. The look is super contemporary as well, with a strong visual impact and restrained yet powerful intimation. I like that it’s smaller but still looks so scrappy. It’s almost as if it says to you, ” don’t underestimate me, or I vill crush you”. We won’t, don’t worry.

The completely straight vapor path makes cleaning easier than ever.

The completely straight vapor path makes cleaning easier than ever.

The dock it comes with is very solid and has a holder for the tiny mouthpieces which while a subtle feature, definitely keeps them from idly disappearing in the fray of your living situation. I like to think of mine more as a habitat, but hey, to each their own. You can use it while it charges, which is always great for having a full tank of juice after a session and heading out the door, and with the initial push of it’s lone button, you will see where your charge is at with the blue indicator lights doing their job.

Another press of the button and the unit will begin to heat up, with subsequent presses initiating higher pre-set temperatures(there’s five) from 370 to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. The third setting works best for most of my material, and in a way this seems to streamline the idiosyncratic nature of a digital readout which, requiring less brain power is a definite plus for me. Hey, this is leisure time not chemistry class right? So anyway, it gets to the desired setting and you’re off.

You’ll want to load up the herb chamber with a quick unscrew at the bottom and although the shape of this chamber isn’t as wide and as shallow as I normally like them, it really recovers from that misstep with a very novel internal stirring mechanism by which you turn the exterior nozzle and a little metal arm churns your herb around, getting the unvaped material circulated around the thimble. Nice. I wish it held a little more in the chamber, but hey, you can’t have everything, and with so few hiccups when using the VaporBLUNT 2.0, I’m not complaining.

Remove the regular cap and screen, add on the oil cap and glass tube and you're all set to vaporize essential oils and concentrates.

Remove the regular cap and screen, add on the oil cap and glass tube and you’re all set to vaporize essential oils and concentrates.

Now as for the quality of my experience, I have to say overall very satisfactory. The vapor clouds were thick, dense, and most importantly, consistent. The unit didn’t get hot in any uncomfortable way as I held it, even for a longer period, but I will say I wish it could have weighed a little less. I find that I oft-times mindlessly and continuously hold whatever unit I’m handling as I’m vaping, and this thing gets to be a bit of a burden in that sense.

Perhaps my habit is more to blame here, but it’s not in any manner a light piece of equipment, and so I felt I would just mention this in passing. The battery life was very decent, averaging over 2 and a half hours consistently, and the charge doesn’t take very long at all. You just need to keep this thing clean, which is really easy stuff, and it will always be dependable in what it brings to the table. More specifically, that would be quality clouds of mist and aroma that won’t fill you up, but never let you down.

My final word: Sloth, Love, Chunk..y Vapor. Hence, Sloth loves the VaporBlunt 2.0. ‘Nuff said.

Vapor BLUNT 2.0
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  • vaporblunt

    I just got my vaporblunt 2.0 and everytime i take a draw from it Nothing comes out i called Them And They said you have to learn How to use it… i would At least see A ittle vapor coming out. Theres No problems with The heating unit just Not getting vapor. He Said if I send t Back it would Be TWO WEEKS which is ridiclous i Even paid priority Shipping And They Are going o Take That long? Anyways any tips to make it Work? Also I Hear a Little thing rattling inside if move it Around?

    • Lizette

      I have the same problem! I was told to keep “learning how to use it” however I thought I would save herb not waste it?!! I’m not happy!

      • Dougie

        Well then you just haven’t learned how to use it then, because when used right it conserves like crazy. First of all if you are using low quality herbs and expecting any device to work a miracle and make it better, its sure not gonna help you there. With the 2.0, pack to top with finely grinded material of at least decent quality, but not tightly, it needs airflow. Screw cap on. Turn cap gently once. Put on heat setting 4. Do not pull until 4 lights solid. Enjoy! If too hot reduce to 3, if too thin (doubtful at level 4) then take it up to level 5. Now how hard is that? You tell me …

    • blackzillions

      Dude 2 weeks isnt bad to get a replacement, getting a broken unit isnt necessarily indicative of the quality of the product being you have never had a chance to use it.