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Pinnacle portable vaporizer

Tips and TricksPacking the Vapor BLUNT

  • Don’t grind your material to powder, but of course make sure it is ground up enough where you are getting that nice surface area needed for vaporizing. If you grind it down to powder you are likely to have some slip through the screen, which is pleasant if it reaches your mouth and it can also clog the vapor path.
  • Fill the chamber to the top where you see the metal ring. I DO NOT mean to fill it up to where the cap screws on, that would be madness. When you fill it to the top pack it down with your finger and then add more on top. Don’t go overboard, but you want the turn knob to actually give you a little resistance when you first try to turn it. Only a little resistance though, if you can barely turn it you’ve packed it too much.

Using the Vapor BLUNT

  • The stir tool attached to the turn knob on the VaporBLUNT is one of the greatest invention ever. Don’t neglect it! I admit I often forgot it was there at first, but I trained myself to turn it after each pull and the result is a very long lasting pack.
  • If you choose to use the VaporBLUNT at the standard 390┬░ Fahrenheit temp (green light) I still suggest activating “Boost Mode” when the vapor seems like it is thinning out and the pack is almost done. Doing this will get every last little bit your material has to offer.

Cleaning the Vapor BLUNT

  • After each session with the VaporBLUNT clean the chamber out thoroughly. I actually clean mine out so much that each time I run the brush through the chamber the brush actually pulls the screen out, which is great because I then just scrub the screen off with the brush too. If you ignore cleaning the chamber getting the screen out later can be a HUGE pain.
  • Whatever you do don’t ignore the tiny screen that is a part of the turn knob stir tool. I neglected this screen for a while because I just didn’t even really realize it was there. When my VB started not giving me the same results I usually get I finally noticed this little screen all clogged up. The good news is it’s tiny and easy to clean with the brush you get.


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Vapor BLUNT 2.0
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  • i can’t get a decent vape without having to suck too hard. It’s kind of hurting my lungs but I don’t get anything unless I act like a vacuum cleaner. Too much air gets in and mixes with the vape. I’m disappointed in the product considering how much I paid.

    • Jaydubs

       Barbara, try packing in just a bit less and then also turning the stir knob once before heating. Then, turn the Vapor Blunt on and immediately put it into hyper mode (blinking yellow). Once the light turns solid yellow wait about 30-45 seconds and you should catch a light whiff of vapor in the air. Now start taking your pulls. Also, are you cleaning out the metal screen in between packing it? It should always be clean enough so you can see the metal on the bottom of the bowl and the small holes as well. Hope this helps.

  • Anon

    This thing works great if you keep it clean, use the highest setting and give it about 15-30 seconds to “cook” after the light goes solid. You can get good vapor clouds that way.