First Look: The Palm Vaporizer

Vapor BLUNT 2.0

So it appears VaporBLUNT has been busy lately developing a new portable vaporizer. There isn’t a whole lot of information available just yet and a lot of what is out there is speculation and any facts about the Palm Vape are prefaced with the whole “this can change before release” disclaimer.

What we do know is it is going to work very much like the Magic Flight Launch Box, using rechargeable AA batteries to instantly heat the chamber. You can see by the image that it has a flip top that closes off the herb chamber and it uses the same mouthpieces as the VaporBLUNT. So that means your flavored mouthpiece tips will work as well.

Also the positioning of the nickel metal hydride battery is interesting. With the way it inserts in the front where you would naturally hold the Palm to begin with I can see it being pretty comfortable to push in. Pushing the battery in will instantly heat up the Palm and you should see vapor almost instantly, just like the MFLB.

The lid doesn’t latch down and lock into place, which could be a bit of a concern. Especially since VaporBLUNT is claiming that the Palm Vaporizer can vaporize oils, which is probably the part I am most skeptical of. Also it eliminates the ability to pre-pack it and keep it in your pocket or bag.

The only speculation I’ve seen as far as a target release date is June 1st and only the Black, White and Grey colors will be available. Then the rest of the colors would most likely be available by late July or early August.

As we get more information on this new Palm Vape we will post it here, with pictures and impressions. Needless to say we are pretty excited to give this thing a go and report our impressions back to you guys once we get our hands on it.


VaporBLUNT have posted two separate quick guide pictures that look like they will be inserted with the Palm Vaporizer when it arrives. You can see the two pictures displayed below:

Pinnacle portable vaporizer
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  • Gingbss

    if i can vape oils in this i want one..if not i have a mflb so why bother!

  • Music Passionhappen

    How long is the battery supposed to last?

    • Ghost

      It lasts only 15 min