The Vapor BLUNT Vaporizer

My New Vapor Blunt Vaporizer

Getting ready to pack my new Vapor Blunt for the first time.

The Vapor BLUNT is a exciting new portable vaporizer which is extremely straightforward to use and very effective. Its slender, portable layout and Lithium-Ion rechargeable power supply makes vaporizing on the go comfy and simple. The VaporBLUNT’s ceramic heating element and stainless metal herb chamber combine to produce a clean-tasting and dense vapor, similar to a lot of expensive desk top vaporizers on the market today.

The VaporBLUNT battery powered vaporizer also allows you to turn on, heat up, increase the temp, and turn off all using the push of one solitary button, making battery powered vaporizing as easy as possible. The first push of the button begins heating the vape to its preset temp of 390° Fahrenheit, which it achieves in under a minute. The second push launches the VaporBLUNT into boost mode, rapidly raising the temp to 410°. One last push and hold turns the VaporBLUNT off. It’s that easy.

Another interesting attribute which entirely separates the VaporBLUNT from its competitors is the stir tool cap. Once you twist the cap off to reveal the herb chamber you will see a little knob which you can turn which is attached to an internal stir tool so it is easy to stir the material without losing any of the precious heat essential for vaporization.

The Vapor Blunt is packed with features, generates excellent tasting vapor plus its considerably easier to operate than many other vaporizers, portable and otherwise.