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Review of: Palm
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On November 8, 2012
Last modified:June 24, 2013


The Palm vaporizer takes the Magic Flight head on and offers a similar experience with enhanced comfort. The battery life is decent and its size makes it ideal to take with you on the road. If you need quick, discreet sessions on the go this vape is perfect for you.

With the Palm Vape’s recent release it has gotten a lot of attention right out of the gate. I attribute this to two things, it being made by the same manufacturer’s behind the already incredibly successful VaporBLUNT and the fact that it is gunning for the Magic Flight Launch Box’s market. But does it live up to all the hype?

The box the Palm arrives in is very nice, similar to the packaging the VB comes in with a black and red color scheme with “palm” across the top and side with a picture of this little portable vape. It’s always nice to deliver a good first impression and the Palm Vape does just that with its packaging alone.

Once you upon up the box, the top flips open, you’ll see a black velvet carrying case, a quick guide instruction booklet, and a slip giving you a run down of some important battery information. Definitely look over both instruction sheets before even touching the Palm portable.

The Palm Vape is a comfortable hand held size.

When you open up the carrying bag you have the Palm Vape itself, accessory pack (cleaning brush, pipe cleaner, standard mouthpiece and flavored mouthpiece), 2 batteries with rubber caps, and wall charger. So basically you have everything you need for the vape, including cleaning tools, right out of the box.

Inspecting the Palm unit itself it is just about the size I expected when I first saw the pictures. The build feels exactly like the strong polycarbonate design you get with the Vapor Blunt, so no complaints there. Where you load your material there is a latch that encloses the herb chamber, making sure you don’t spill any material while in use or dormant.

The herb trench on the Palm Vaporizer is deeper than it looks.

The battery inserts right under the all glass vapor path that leads to the mouthpiece. This makes the Palm super comfortable to hold and to operate. Not something you can say for other vapes like it, where a lot of the time you encounter hand cramping. The all glass vapor path I just mentioned is a huge advantage as well. This way you egt only the flavor of your vapor with no outside interference.

I packed the herb trench full, right up to the black outline you see on there, then flipped the lid closed. When I pushed the battery in I instantly saw vapor begin to accumulate. After about 5-7 seconds you have a pretty big vapor pull waiting for you. The pulls are quick and smooth, no harshness at all. Now I did burn my material a few tomes from holding the battery too long, but this is just a slight learning curve and after a bit I didn’t experience that problem again.

The screen retainer pulls off easily so you can then remove the screen to clean or replace.

The batteries seem to last through about 25-30 minutes of use per battery. While using the Palm hand held I would always have the other battery that was not in use on the charger. That way when one died I could swap the other one out and keep the session going at all times.

The cleaning tools they include, the brush and pipe cleaner, work excellently. The brush takes care of any left over material in the chamber and the pipe cleaner inserts right down the glass vapor path cleaning it quickly and easily. Just like with my VaporBLUNT, I clean the Palm Vaporizer out after each and every use. This stops it from getting really bad and avoids any tedious or lengthy cleaning sessions.

When you hold the battery in you will see a small amber light to signify that the unit is heating.

The Palm is also supposed to be allowed to be used with oils and concentrates, without any extra attachment or anything like that. Because of this the screen is removable/replaceable. I think this is one of the best features on the vape hands down. I always prefer replacing a screen to cleaning it. As for how the Palm Vape works with oils I can’t really comment as of yet because I mostly stick to dry herbs, but I will report back if I try it out.

Overall I am really happy with the Palm portable vaporizer. It works really fast and very efficiently. It is comfortable to hold, comes with everything you need, and isn’t all that expensive.

If you have tried the Palm, especially with oils or concentrates, let us know what you think below in the comments section.

Vapor BLUNT 2.0
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  • dave57

    The palm 1 is a piece of crap. I had it 3 days and it stopped heating up. The heating light does not go on either.I might as well have taken 110 dollars and burned it up.Do not buy this product. I will never purchase anything from this company again.