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Pinnacle portable vaporizer
Review of: Pinnacle
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On May 10, 2013
Last modified:September 10, 2013


The Pinnacle portable vaporizer by VaporBLUNT is hands down one of the smallest vaporizers out there that still delivers the vapor quality you would expect from some of the big dogs. At only 5" tall and about as thick as a nickel, this baby can go nearly anywhere with you.

It’s always a nice treat to have the good fortune to test and try a truly enjoyable vaporizer. And then similarly, I suppose the opposite can be also said for a lackluster offering. That’s why I felt so lucky to have spent the day with this little darling of a vape called the Pinnacle.

And at just five and a half inches, it definitely fits the bill to be called little, though it isn’t going to disappear in your hand like some of the truly mini-vapes. That’s ok though, because some of us simply need more power, and that’s where a bigger portable really shines. Pinnacle Vaporizer Review

It’s only an inch and a half wide as well, which means it’s not too bulky three dimensionally speaking either. It does feel absurdly light in my hand, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the casing, and how tightly constructed the vape in question is designed. With that being said, I’m happy to report that the Pinnacle feels very solid along with being lighter, and I think what this is gonna translate too in the long run is a long life for the vape, and without weighing you down on the go.

The price may weigh you down a bit though, but really, you’re getting a solid reputable brand, and something with more power than the micro vapes that seem to do little else but conceal themselves well. Hey, the bottom line is, vapes aren’t cheap. They’re complex machines that bear intricate design, and they certainly give you an experience of the much more refined variety. So let’s quit our bellyaching and as long as the sucker is made well and works well, we’ll pony up, and reap the rewards.

The herb chamber bullets easily slide in and out of the chamber, making cleaning easier than ever.

The herb chamber bullets easily slide in and out of the chamber, making cleaning easier than ever.

So moving on, the Pinnacle is very simple in its design as you look it over. A single mysterious button sits in the center of the casing, and of course this basic ease-of-use motif is a trademark of Vapor Blunt products and there is truly something to be said for their efficiency and simplistic presentation. Sometimes less is more. With a single push on said button, the vape springs to life and begins to blink a light signifying that it is currently in heat-up mode. A solid light indicates you are ready to go. How’s that for user-friendly?

I’m relating to this more and more as I pore over it. A second push on the button changes the color of the light from blue to orange, and turns up the heat setting by twenty degrees Fahrenheit to 390. And that my friends, is the extent of it’s functionality. No digits, no multiple different subtle settings. Just two. And if that works like a charm, then why bother with the added clutter of idiosyncrasy that certain fancy vapes hit you in the head with?

The Pinnacle is a mere baby compared to the original VaporBLUNT.

The Pinnacle is a mere baby compared to the original VaporBLUNT.

The mouthpiece is plastic, and you get a flavored one too. How ya like them apples? Well, raspberry flavored actually. Cool. It snaps on and off easy enough, though I wish it was a bit more secure when affixed. However, my flavored mouthpiece did melt when I used it, maybe just some bad luck, but worth noting.

The screen fits right into the back, and is a dandy to pop out and clean or even replace if the mood strikes you. Really commonplace stuff here which again, for me, is always a good bet. With the mouthpiece detached, there’s an opening for the “trench bullet” whereby you insert a packed herb container full of material down inside, and pretty much into the into the pits of hell.

With a quick snap of the mouthpiece, I was all set to vape. I went directly to the higher setting to see what this baby could do if I opened her up, and I suggest you do the same as the lower one really is a step down, and why mess with a good thing? I let the vape milk for a good 20 seconds before I took the plunge, and it was an absolute gem on the first draw. The subsequent pulls were not far behind in quality and taste, and word to the wise, you really get the most out of the Pinnacle if you don’t stuff her too tight.

The trademark VB cleaning brush seems like it was made for the Pinnacle's chamber and bullets.

The trademark VB cleaning brush seems like it was made for the Pinnacle’s chamber and bullets.

So that would be pretty much a big thumbs up and a wrap on a really solid vaporizer, except for one extraneous option that certainly bears mentioning. Water anyone? Yep, you got it, the Pinnacle also has an attachment that ports the base unit nearly effortlessly onto whatever glass works you may have chilling in the cut. But that’s not the cool part. The cool part is the Hydratube. Made specifically for the pinnacle, and being just about the same length and size, it really super-sizes the clouds and enjoyment you’ll get from this vape without turning it into a giganto. This is a really fancy glass piece that runs about 100 beans and is worth every penny and then some. I highly recommend it, and you will not know anywhere near the full potential of this vaporizer without it.

Cleaning it couldn’t be easier, and they give you the tools with the base purchase so you are fully equipped from the get-go to keep her pumping away for years to come. If I had to critique it, I’d say I don’t like the battery aspect to it. The charge takes close to two hours from a dead unit, and for that you only get about an hour, which to be fair, should still be enough for an ample session. It does come with a neat-o stand that it sits in nicely while charging if you feel so inclined to admire it when not in use. Beyond the battery life though, this vaporizer is a winner five times over. I had a hard time putting it down, and I reckon you will too. Final verdict? Capital marks for the Pinnacle!

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