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Review of: Pinnacle Pro
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On September 18, 2013
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The Pinnacle Pro takes everything you loved about the first iteration and makes it that much better. The ability to vaporize essential oils and concentrates especially stands out.

VaporBLUNT is at it again. Never resting on their laurels they took one of the best vapes out there, the Pinnacle, and decided to go ahead and make some highly requested improvements. We’ve seen this before both with the Palm and the original VaporBLUNT with some pretty good results.

But is it worth picking up a new one? Should you just stick with the original? All valid questions that need some answering. Read on and see how I felt the Pinnacle Pro stacked up against the original I loved so much.

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

As you may have read, I absolutely loved the Pinnacle when it was released. Nice and portable, efficient heater, easy to use, there wasn’t much to complain about really. So when I heard of the Pinnacle Pro I was curious as to what really could be improved? The minor complaints I had I didn’t think in any way would be addressed because they were just that, minor. Well, I was wrong.

Cosmetically the Pinnacle Pro vape is still a sleek thing of beauty. Top to bottom it is a little over 5 inches tall and the diameter is only about an inch. It is super lightweight, so throwing it in your pocket, purse or bag isn’t cumbersome in the least. The chamber cap and mouthpiece are now black instead of clear and you will notice 5 little LED lights as opposed to just one.

The Pinnacle Pro by VaporBLUNT uses small little herb chambers that they call “bullets” that are inserted into the main heating chamber. You get 2 bullets and a third “full metal jacket” bullet for oils and concentrates. Oils and concentrates, what? I’ll get to that in a bit.

The Pinnacle Pro with its bullet chambers and the new full metal jacket bullet.

The Pinnacle Pro with its bullet chambers and the new full metal jacket bullet.

These bullets are identical to the original (except the FMJ one) and I am extremely happy they didn’t change anything here. These bullets are about the easiest thing to clean ever. They ensure no used material is left behind in the actual heating chamber and the included brush that they have always packaged with all their vapes seems like it was specifically made for the Pinnacle’s bullets. One quick swipe and it eliminates all the material in there that doesn’t fall out when you shake it off.

The 5 little LED lights are what you may have guessed, 5 different heat levels. Originally the Pinnacle offered only 2 heat levels, which I really didn’t have a problem with, but the addition of a couple more, including the highest setting specifically for oils and concentrates is definitely an improvement. Each light even has its own color associated with it so at a glance you know what setting you’re on. Check out the heat levels and colors here:

  • Level One: 370° F WHITE COLOR
  • Level Two: 395° F TURQUOISE COLOR
  • Level Three: 420° F GREEN COLOR
  • Level Four: 445° F ORANGE COLOR
  • Level Five: 470° F PURPLE COLOR

The one button operation returns, simplifying things for the user. The first button press offers a new feature: battery level. The lights will light up blue with anywhere from 1 to 5 lighting up, 1 for the lowest charge and 5 for a full charge. This addition addresses the biggest problem with the original as now you don’t have to charge after every use just to play it safe nor do you have to worry about loading the Pinnacle Pro up and then finding out your battery is dead. That used to drive me crazy, it’s like driving to the store to pick up something you really need and realizing when you get there that you forgot your wallet.

A glimpse at the new black tint mouthpiece and 14mm pong adapter.

A glimpse at the new black tint mouthpiece and 14mm pong adapter.

Another small improvement they made was adding a small ridge around the one button. This makes it so pressing the Pinnacle’s one button in your pocket by accident is much harder to do. This is one of those minor complaints I mentioned, never did I think they’d address something that small, but again I was wrong and gladly so.

Battery life unfortunately is still the same. So you can expect about 45 minutes of use with a 2 hours charge time. I temper my expectations here a little bit though because something this small that produces some great vapor you have to expect that battery life isn’t going to be up there with some larger units like the VB 2.0 or original VaporBLUNT. But it is also worth noting that the Pinnacle Pro can be used while it is charging, so that is a serious bonus.

Vapor quality is as good as it has ever been. Each loaded bullet chamber gives you more than enough for a session and the clouds you get are nice, thick and tasty. One thing that still impresses me is how fast the little bullets cool down. When I tip it out of the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer they are cool to the touch within about 2-3 minutes. You don’t want to handle them right after use, but the wait isn’t long. And with there being 2 bullets included you can always use your spare if one bullet just didn’t do the trick for you.

Hooray for the battery level indicator!

Hooray for the battery level indicator!

That brings me to the biggest addition: the ability to vape oils and concentrates. As an ever-growing fan of oils and concentrates this had me really excited. Could the Pinnacle Pro simplify the process as much as they had with loose leaf herbs and tobacco? Well, yes. Simply load the full metal jacket bullet with your oil or concentrate of choice and crank the Pro up to heat level 5. Minutes later you have some nice thick clouds courtesy of your Pinnacle Pro.

Since they did not modify the chamber cap aside from the color that means all your mouthpieces are compatible with it. Best part is if you have the micro shower glass water tool attachment that will work as well and they even supply a matching black 14mm pong adapter right out of the box. So if you’re a stickler with aesthetics like I am this is a great catch by Vapor BLUNT.

All in all I really am impressed at how VaporBLUNT has improved the Pinnacle, a vape I was already so pleased with. Greatest part is it is at the same reasonable price as the original Pinnacle, while the first edition Pinnacle vaporizer has gotten a nice price cut. So if you haven’t picked up either and you don’t really see the upgrades all that appealing you now get to pick up the original Pinnacle and save a little cash.

As far as picking up a Pinnacle Pro after already owning the original it really boils down to one thing, whether or not you are vaping oils and concentrates. I have been, so the upgrade to me was a no brainer. I sold my original Pinnacle to a buddy and went straight for the Pro and haven’t looked back.

Pinnacle portable vaporizer
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  • jay james

    I am having issues with the pinnacle pro: I have to pull super hard to get a decent rip when the full metal jacket for oils is in. Also the cap never seemed to really snap on in a totally sealed or secure manner.

    Also I think one design flaw inherent in the unit is the finicky bullet-removal operation you have to do. How to extract that long cylinder without spilling herbs on the way out?? I like the concept of this unit and hope I can understand what is going on more vis-a-vis these issues… Your take on any of it?

    • Gabriel

      I too find the removal of the bullet to be quite frustrating but using tweezers helps if you can grab hold of the rim with them. I also find that the cap doesn’t seem to seal well when placed back on the unit and that it doesn’t seal when placing back on the unit. Maybe they will address these issues in the next model, should there be one. Aside from these small annoyances, the unit functions well.

  • Herbal Henry

    I am dubious about the quality and life expectancy having owned a Pinnacle pro for a week now. Cheap plastic, gauze in the mouth piece is not interchangeable neither is the battery. It makes a good portable vape but ill be buying a desktop cape for daily use as I just don’t trust the pinnacle to stand upto being used a dozen times a day for years on end…
    Nice vapour from the device, the water pipe is really good but stinks after a few goes and now has some residue building up and is a pig to clean out. The whole item is well overpriced as are all vaporisers, it should at least come with a carry case for £200.
    Another few years and they might get the design spot on but for now only a 7/10 for me as the price point and build quality are dubious…

  • Herbal Henry

    Also I ment to say I have no idea what the other numpties are on about with regards to removing the bullets when hot, just take off the mouth piece and turn the whole unit upside down allowing the bullet chamber to slide into an ashtray for 2mins to cool down!