Palm Vaporizer VS Magic Flight Launch Box

Vapor BLUNT 2.0

The first time you lay eyes on the Palm Vaporizer you will most likely think it is a Magic Flight Launch Box clone, if you are familiar with that vape. Mostly because of the rechargeable battery operation. But does the Palm Vape improve on what the Magic Flight made so popular?

Vapor Quality

The Magic Flight vaporizer has the ability to create some surprisingly smooth vapor. I say surprisingly because the way the heater works is it instantly heats up and the only thing between your material and the heater is a small screen. You can burn your material pretty easily if you are not careful, so the trick with the MFLB is getting the timing down of holding the battery in. Usually about 5-7 seconds is best.

The Palm Vape has a slightly smaller trench to put your material in compared to the Magic Flight, but can still achieve the same vapor results. The 5-7 second battery rule applies here as well, usually yielding the best results. The problem both of these vapes encounter is that you can’t get significantly large pulls if that is what you want. Reason being is that if you hold the battery in for a long time to get a big pull you are 9 times out of 10 going to burn the material.

Advantage: Push

Rechargeable Batteries

The rechargeable batteries and how you sue them became kind of the signature of the Magic-Flight. It uses two NiMH rechargeable batteries that you charge on an external wall charger. Each battery, at a full charge, is good for about 20-30 minutes of vaporization, depending on how long you push the battery in to heat the unit. The batteries tend to heat up quite a bit while in use, but they come with black rubber caps that offset the high temperatures.

Going with the trend here, the Palm portable has pretty much the exact same set up, but VaporBLUNT went through some lengths with their testing to make sure the batteries would out perform any that had come before it. These batteries will get you about a half hour each and every time and they do not heat up as significantly as the MFLB batteries do, but they still come with the rubber caps. Also, when recharging the batteries they take a little less time to charge than the Magic Flight’s do.

Advantage: Palm Vaporizer

The MFLB and Palm Vape have the same length glass stem, which in turn delivers a similar smoothness in your vapor.


The Magic Flight has a nice look to it with the wooden design and glass mouthpiece. It is certainly durable and the high temperatures required for vaporizing never never warp or crack the nice wood finish. The downside of its design though is how the mouthpiece sticks out of the front, while the battery is sticking out of the right side of the vape. This makes you have to use just your thumb to push in the battery and it can be a little awkward/cumbersome. It also leads to hand cramping rather easily.

The Palm really shines with its construction. It has a super tough polycarbonate design and even nestles the all glass vapor path, or glass stem if you are looking at the Magic Flight vape, right into the polycarbonate design so you avoid cracking or breaking easily. Most importantly though is how the battery inserts right under the vapor path and mouthpiece where you pull, resting the battery comfortably in your hand so you can easily push it in.

Advantage: Palm Vaporizer


As mentioned previously, the Magic Flight has a bit of an awkward set up with the mouthpiece sticking out of the front and the battery sticking out of the side. If you have it fully constructed this way it really is not pocket size. Technically it can fit in your pocket, but it is not comfortable at all. You can take the mouthpiece off and keep the battery separate in your pocket, but that makes it a little less convenient.

With the Palm hand held vaporizer everything is streamlined into one thin design. It is of course longer than the MFLB, but you can leave the battery in the vape and throw it in your pocket with little discomfort. Then when you are ready to vape you can conceivably pull it out of your pocket and start vaping immediately.

Advantage: Palm Vaporizer

The Magic Flight has a larger herb trench, but not by a lot.

Bottom Line

Both vaporizers are incredibly similar and offer really similar experiences. The thing is that the Palm Vaporizer has improved on the design and overall use in several areas, enough to dethrone the Magic Flight Launch Box as the go to vaporizer using quick rechargeable battery use with no heat up time.

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