Palm Vaporizer Tips and Tricks

Pinnacle portable vaporizer

Packing the Palm Vaporizer

  • With the Palm Vape you want to fill the chamber completely. Most refer to it as a “trench” because it isn’t a typical herb chamber or bowl. Fill this trench right up to the top, but do not pack it down because that will make the material on bottom touching the screen easy to burn.
  • When using oils or concentrates keep the material in the center. If while vaporizing it start to move to one side or another use a stir tool to put it back in the center. This will ensure none builds up in the corners of the trench, making cleaning difficult in the future.

Using the Palm Vaporizer

  • When pushing the battery in and heating up the Palm Vape you will see vapor accumulate almost immediately. Once you see vapor under the lid, usually after about 5-7 seconds, begin to pull while still holding the battery in. This will give you larger pulls than usual while still remaining cool and smooth.
  • After taking your first pull, you can keep pulling from the mouthpiece and it will continue to generate vapor without having to push the battery in. Not only does it save you some time, but will also conserve battery life.

Cleaning the Palm Vaporizer

  • When brushing off the trench on the herb chamber make sure to squeeze the brush into the space between the screen and the black retainer that holds the screen down. Material can build up there and make the screen stick to the retainer, making it really difficult to clean.
  • One quick and easy way to clean the screen is to throw it into a small container filled with solvent or rubbing alcohol and shaking it inside the closed container for about a minute. This will bypass having to let it soak and will allow you to wash it off with warm water right after and it should be close to brand new.
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  • cooch

    i charged the battery completely, and i pushed it into the peice as far as it could go but the light wont turn on and its not seeming to work.