Palm Original VS Palm 2.0

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Palm VS Palm 2.0

Some more inter-family battles going down, this time it’s the original Palm vaporizer up against the newer Palm 2.0 vape.


Up first in this quick little head-to-head family feud of first and second generation Palms, the Original is going to pull out the initial category of pricing with ease. Look, the deal is this. They both work just fine. They both do their job and will give countless vaping sessions with proper use and upkeep.

So the bottom line for us here comes down to the price difference, and at 20 smackers, it’s a nice little piece of change you get to keep and say, buy some extra rats for your pet snake to munch on. The second genny Palm may be a bit fancier, but for me, nothing beats saving a smart buck when the greenbacks stack gets slack.

Advantage: Palm 2.0


Now both of the units in question are very similar in many ways, so we really need to split hairs here a bit to find the winner. First up, I’d like to mention the new and improved herb chamber of the Palm 2.0 which completely secures the material and makes for a a more thorough vaporization upon use. The dial screen system allows you to hold it upside down or just lazily hang out in a zero-gravity chamber(yea, don’t we all wish we could try this) and not compromise the quality of the session.

The Palm original does have a nifty little flip-top so spilling and losing the material can’t be avoided, but it just doesn’t give the same user control it’s younger brother affords. Second thing to mention is the quicker heat up time on the second generation Palm. You really need this on the go, because every second counts when discretion counts, and so I really find the faster heating element a substantial plus.

Advantage: Palm Original

I find that using the original Palm is a little more comfortable.

I find that using the original Palm is a little more comfortable.


Now I know overall, the specs are smaller for the Palm 2.0, but be that as it may, I still have to go with the Original Palm for the win here due to it feeling less bulky and clunky than its little bro. They basically turned a rectangle into a square with the shape shift, and thing for me is, a rectangle shape has more maneuverability when taking advantage of it’s longer sides. A square is the same side on every side. Just this one’s perspective, but hey, after all, who’s writing the review? Heh. It pays to be the boss.

Advantage: Draw

Vapor Quality

True, you can get a faster pull with the newer Palm compared to the one of old, but I found this to be cumbersome at times, as you approach combustion very rapidly, and really have to be on your toes when vaping to not overshoot. The original on the other hand, eases you into it a bit better and a bit more fluidly. I can’t pick one over the other though, as strictly speaking, they both give dependable, quality vapor for the end user. A rare toss-up here unless you are a beginner and really need the ease-of-use to properly vape.

Advantage: Palm Original

The screens are roughly the same size, with the Palm 2.0's maybe a little smaller.

The screens are roughly the same size, with the Palm 2.0’s maybe a little smaller.


Surprise, surprise, but the original Palm pulls out the win here against its technologically advanced brethren. Well, somewhat advanced. The point is, it just doesn’t make a far enough leap ahead in terms of design and functionality to warrant me spending an extra 20 spot on the newfangled edition. The original does me just fine, and will do the same for you. Ah but then, there are the folks who spend 600 bucks on a 3rd generation smart phone only to spend 600 bucks 6 months later on the 4th generation. So live and let live I suppose.

Vapor BLUNT 2.0
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  • Michelle Lort

    Product wasn’t shipped on time. Two weeks after ordering, I had to email several times before receiving a response that it wasn’t shipped, nor did they have the color I ordered. Once received, the unit it did not heat up quickly at all, despite my several attempts to critique the unit. Once it did heat up, nothing of any substance came from inhalation. Used it one time & was refused a refund. I of course once again had to email several times before someone responded to me. Oh, but they did offer for me to send it back to them on my dime to review what was wrong with it..then stopped responding to me once I pointed out the poor customer service on their end. I will never purchase anything from this company again.