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Review of: Palm 2.0
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On March 22, 2013
Last modified:June 24, 2013


The Palm 2.0 improves on the original with an even smaller design and dual screen use. You still know what you'll get with the Palm vape, but the smaller package it comes in makes it even more discreet and easier to use.

When I first laid my eyes on the Palm 2.0, I felt a bit tripped out. I mean, anyone who knows what I’m sayin’ knows what I’m sayin’. The thing has an original design to the say the least. ..well, almost. Of course seasoned vape heads will see the battery and think of the Launch Box straight away. And of course this unit ultimately functions in a very similar manner. There are some differences of course, and it will be solely on the end user to determine which comes out on top. So enough about the Magic Flight. On with the review so you can be your own judge. Here’s my take for what it’s worth.

The unit is made from polycarbonate, which means it is indeed highly durable. Good for the movers and shakers that need something discreet you could say. The acrylic lid that covers the herb is another story, and one needs to show it a bit more care when handling it. As far as price, huge improvement over the first generation at about 90 bucks vs. 110, and you do get a lifetime warranty included. Obviously they have faith in the design and that bodes well for us to be sure. The batteries in the Palm 2.0 have a 3 month warranty and are the rechargeable NIDH type. The replacements can be acquired easily and are pretty cheap so no worries there. Also, it’s manufactured in the U.S. if you have the pride thing goin’ on in that regard. Kinda cool, and I figured I’d mention it.

The screen is a bit bigger than its predecessor, but still very small. It’s not going to hold a gram of material for you as it wouldn’t for me, but I still managed to get 3-4 quality-size pulls and then some out of each pack. I found the ergonomics of the Palm 2.0 a bit confusing and with all the horizontal and upside-down ways some people online end up using this, I kinda felt like I didn’t know which way was up. But that’s OK, because the acrylic lid and upper chamber keep the herb securely in place, and this is a huge advantage over the launch box that definitely bears mentioning.

The Palm 2.0 has a dual screen design.

The Palm 2.0 has a dual screen design.

It doesn’t get too hot to hold, and with some practice, the method can be close to mastered to reap the most you can from such a tiny device. Speaking of tiny, they oversold that aspect a bit I think. It still measures a full 4 inches long which runs on the big end for this category and leaves something to be desired. Don’t get me wrong though, it can easily be vanished in a blink with only nominal sleight-of-hand capability. It doesn’t suffer in this respect, so I won’t belabor the point, but I do patiently wait for something even more miniature to pop onto the horizon.

I put some oil in it to see if this claimed capability really delivered, and by holding the battery for an extra 2 seconds for a total of ten or so, it does indeed deliver on the concentrates end of things in a fairly decent manner. Don’t expect a little miraculous experience though. This was another nice little perk and point of versatility that I found neat-o to try out. The battery life lasts a good long time, and I’d say it remained solid for at least five or six sessions as heat up times happen in nearly no time. Cleaning the Palm 2.0  it isn’t bad at all with the brush thing they give you, and only took me a few seconds every so often to get the screen’s functionality back to where I wanted it.

Overall, I would say the Palm 2.0 delivers what it should but doesn’t surprise you with any unforeseeable strong points after testing one out. Its portability, durability and ease-of-use all make it worth the very reasonable price tag, and for those who are sick of breaking glass made pocket pieces, this may just be the ticket to a whole lot of saved money in the near future. It comes in  an array of colors and is very lightweight in my hand, so it does have a certain practical fun style about it that causes me to crack a smile and crack open the lid one mo’ gain to enjoy a nice burst of clean vapor, anytime, anywhere.

Vapor BLUNT 2.0
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  • Dana chaff

    I can not get mine to work I don’t know if its broken or just junk the batteries don’t hold a charge