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Pinnacle portable vaporizer

Check out these quick and easy step by step instructions/directions on how to heat up, load and use your Vapor Blunt Vaporizer.

Vaporblunt Instructions

Step 1: Load your Vapor Blunt.

First unscrew the cap with the turn knob and place it aside. This reveals the herb chamber and screen inside. Pack the chamber until it is full, using your thumb to push the material down into the chamber, do not leave it loosely packed. You can leave it loosely packed, but only if you don’t want huge and smooth vapor pulls. When it is all packed put the stir cap back on. If the turn knob gives you a little resistance when you try to turn it that means you packed it perfectly.

Operating your VaporBLUNT

Step 2: Turn on your Vapor Blunt.

Now press the one lonely button on the VaporBLUNT to begin heating it up. The first press will cause the light to start blinking green which means it is heating up to it’s normal temperature of around 390° Fahrenheit. Press the button again to send the VaporBLUNT into “Boost Mode” or “Beast Mode” as I like to call it. This heats it up to around 410° Fahrenheit and is definitely the setting I recommend using it on.

Vapor Blunt experiment

Step 3: Time for the payoff. Enjoy that sweet vapor baby!

Once the flashing light goes solid you know the VaporBLUNT is heated up and ready to go. Still give it 10-15 seconds after the light goes solid to let some vapor accumulate a little. Now pull from the mouthpiece, using a slow but firm draw and begin enjoying gigantic and smooth vapor pulls.


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Vapor BLUNT 2.0
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