How To Use The Palm 2.0

Vapor BLUNT 2.0

Using the Palm 2.0 couldn’t be easier, but there are a few decent pointers to make note of, and so we’re going to cover our bases here with you, the inquisitive vaper. First off, make sure your herb is super ground up. As with many tiny vapes, the chambers run small, and an even generous airflow is most times at a premium. Thus, make sure your particles of of the smallest size possible to combat this unfortunate aspect on highly mobile vaping. Next, pop open the plastic shell and fill the screen to the top. Again, do not tamp down the material in any way, shape or form for the above stated reasons. Close the lid, and you’re ready to rock.

While holding the unit in your hand, plug in the dual battery and wait a good 5 seconds before beginning the draw. This is to allow the current to initiate the heating element and start it’s rapid climb to 350 degrees. Now comes the tricky part. This is all going to come down to the manner in which you draw on the unit. A steady, even, slow draw is going to stoke the heat and give you a harsher, deeper vape that will easily border on combustion if you’re not careful. On the other hand, a gentle easy pull will give you a lesser vapor, but a definite and absolute non-combustive experience. Of course I’m going to now tell you that the sweet spot lies somewhere in between these two extremes and yes, it will take a good bit of practice to find your stride with the Palm 2.0. But fret not my fellow vape head, it can and will be achieved by most anyone who owns a unit and uses it on a regular basis.

I find that on average a full pack gives me two deep vapes and 2 to 3 lesser draws. If you’re using the unit properly, you should fall right where I do, or very close to it. Either way, it’s not a complicated process, and the unit will deliver a nice, easy, consistent vapor to the end user. Handheld mini-vapes only have so much prowess in the functionality department, but the better models make up for this with their extreme portability and ability to be kept extremely discreet. The Palm 2.0 is a good deal for the money and will indeed deliver on the go. There you have it.

Pinnacle portable vaporizer
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