How to Clean the VaporBLUNT

Vapor BLUNT 2.0

I recently ran into a huge problem with my VaporBLUNT. After neglecting to really keep it clean, it clogged up and I was unable to get any vapor through to the mouthpiece. At first I thought it was busted, but I knew it was heating up. This situation can be completely avoided if you follow a few quick instructions on how to clean the Vapor BLUNT.

Let’s start as if you had just gotten done a nice long session with your VB. Open up the stir tool top and dump the used material into the trash. Only some of the used material will come out from simply tipping it upside down, but this gets a decent amount out of there.

Now you have to take the stir tool end that is attached to the cap and position it so the tip rests on the small clip on the screen. When you push down and pull the cap it will drag the screen out of the herb chamber. Once the screen is out brush it off completely until you can see each and every hole on the bottom of the screen is clear. If the brush alone doesn’t work, throw it in some rubbing alcohol and shake it around to loosen it up.

How your screen should look before each use, every hole showing.

With the screen still out of the VaporBLUNT, take the cleaning brush and brush of the inside of the herb chamber. At the bottom of the chamber you will see a small hole, this is where your vapor enters to head to the mouthpiece, so also make sure that is completely clear using the included bamboo cleaning stick.

Now take a look at the stir tool cap and you will see a small screen attached to it. This screen is just as important as the other screen, so make sure you brush that off thoroughly as well. If that screen clogs it won’t allow any air in the VB and can make the draw extremely resistant and put a strain on your lungs.

Cleaning the screen on the stir tool cap is just as important as cleaning the other screen.

Above where the power button is on the VaporBLUNT, the piece that holds the mouthpiece, twists off easily. Twist it to the left a little bit and it will pop right off. When you do this you will see the battery and the hole where the vapor reaches the mouthpiece. Make sure this hole is clear, or else your vapor will not reach the mouthpiece.

Now look at the bottom of the part you just removed that has the mouthpiece and you will see yet another hole that you must make sure is clear. Lastly, make sure the mouthpiece itself doesn’t have anything clogging it up.

If you follow all these steps after each, or every other, use you will keep your Vapor Blunt working like new.

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