How to Clean the Pinnacle

Vapor BLUNT 2.0

Cleaning this little marvel couldn’t be simpler, but I’m still gonna walk you through it to make sure you’re properly on the job.

First, the bullets. Grab the wooden pointed looking tool and get any and all gunk out of the chamber. Once you’ve done that to the best of your ability, grab the same tool and wrap an alcohol disinfectant pad around the end of it. Then insert the end with the pad on it inside the bullet and scrub. Shouldn’t take more than 10 or fifteen seconds, and will finish the job, gobbling up the remaining residue and restoring the bullet to near spit-shine condition.

Next up, the unit itself. Grab that other wire brush looking tool(this one’s black) and after making sure the bullets are out of there, insert it down into the heating chamber and proceed to gently twist it. Of course it goes without saying that the unit should be completely off before you stick the tool in. The good news is that this step will be much less needed than the former, and really is just a way to cover yourself should something accidentally spill or fall down in there without you knowing. The brush will pick it up and get it out of there, and you’ll be back at optimal capacity.

The wooden stick included is perfect for not only cleaning the Pinnacle, but packing it as well.

The wooden stick included is perfect for not only cleaning the Pinnacle, but packing it as well.

A stern word of warning now regarding the screen that sits inside the detachable mouthpiece: do not take this out to clean it! If you do, you may very well never get it back in. This isn’t just me that has had this issue either. So proceed at your own risk, and best bet really is to simply clean it while it’s still in there or alternately, just replace the entire plastic mouthpiece if it gets too gunky.

As for the mouthpiece, you can dip it in soapy water(bar soap only) and let it sit for a few hours to get any unpleasant flavors or residues off of the plastic. For the Hydratube, should you be lucky enough to own one, you want to go a little more heavy duty and use an ISO bath to really get the glass sparkling and odor free. It’s a bit more upkeep than the unit requires, but is by all accounts easily worth it. So there you have it, a couple effortless steps of maintenance, and your Pinnacle vaporizer should be vaping smoothly for many moons to come.

Pinnacle portable vaporizer
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