How to Clean the Palm Vaporizer

Vapor BLUNT 2.0

The Palm Vape is pretty low maintenance overall, but follow these couple cleaning tips after each use and you can really keep it working like new.

After you have expended all the active ingredients in your material open up the lid that covers the herb chamber and dump out the used material. Most of the spent material should fall right out, whatever is left can easily be taken care of with the included cleaning brush. When using the brush make sure you the small space between the black square lining the screen and the screen itself. Sometimes material can build up in there and make cleaning down the road a bigger pain than it has to be.

Now take the black square retainer and remove it and place it aside. The screen should easily lift out so you can brush off the top and the bottom, or even replace it if you have extras. Make sure you wipe down both the top and bottom, because it will make sure it stays as clean as possible.

Cleaning the space between the retainer and screen between each use keeps the retainer from being difficult to remove later on.

Next take the pipe cleaner that comes with the Palm Vaporizer and run that through the straight glass vapor path. It is easiest to remove the mouthpiece and insert it down that end, rather than going through where the herb chamber is. The glass vapor path will very rarely clog, but the pipe cleaner will also take away any discoloration.

There really isn’t much more to it than that, the Palm Vape is pretty low maintenance as far as vaporizers go. Just keep up on cleaning at least after every other use and you’ll have it working like new throughout.

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  • I find articles on cleaning vaporizers even more useful than articles on how to use them…cleaning is just extremely important for longevity of the vape.