How To Clean the Palm 2.0

Pinnacle portable vaporizer

Cleaning this little dandy of a vape really is a straightforward process that requires minimal time and only moderate attention to the current state of your airflow chamber and screen. A nifty cleaning brush is included which definitely seems to do a satisfactory job on the screen and will, in a pinch, serve it’s due purpose and get most of the debris off the screen.

Make sure when you use it, you get the outer areas around the black retainer as they tend to gunk with residual fallout and this can make dislodging the screen in the future a bit trickier. Now, in those trying times when you can’t get away with the cleaning tool’s bristles and need to take it one step further and hit the entire unit with a thorough once-over, just follow this quick process, and you’ll be back to near-factory condition when finished.

First, begin by opening and removing the clear outer plastic shell and getting that filthy excuse for a screen out of there. It’s time to replace it, and, you know it. Replacements can readily be found around the e-stores online and the company will readily supply you directly should you need a stash of reserves. If the build-up is really bad, a wet mildly soapy q-tip should be the absolute maximum necessary to refurbish that inner area and get it shining again.

Make sure both screens are brushed off after use.

Next, remove the mouthpiece and go in that end with the little pipe cleaning deal they include with the unit. You should never really see any debris in the airflow chamber(stem), but the pipe cleaner does a great job of removing the discoloration and subsequent flavors that it can sometimes cause to linger. Finally, take a partially damp piece of cloth with nothing but water on it, and gently wipe down the unit, being sure to hit that out flip shell and it’s underpart.

This is all it’s really gonna take to keep the little feller on the up-and-up for the duration of your ownership, and on a finalĀ  note, prevention is always key when maintaining any vape. Enjoy!

Vapor BLUNT 2.0
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