My VaporBLUNT is starting to restrict airflow, what do I do?

Pinnacle portable vaporizer

When you feel like the airflow through the VaporBLUNT is starting to get a little tight the first thing you want to do is try packing less in the chamber. It is possible something as easy as that could fix it.

If that doesn’t work you first need to pull your screen from the herb chamber. Make sure when you hold the screen up to a light you can see all the holes visible. If you can’t, scrub the cleaning brush over it a couple times.

Once that is clean take the mouthpiece end of the VaporBLUNT and twist the entire piece above the heat button slightly to the left. This will pop the top off and you can see the battery and the hole where vapor travels through. Run a pipe cleaner down through that hole and it should clear up any obstructions.

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