Review: Does the VaporBLUNT live up to the hype? A closer look.

Pinnacle portable vaporizer
Review of: Vapor Blunt
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On May 11, 2012
Last modified:June 24, 2013


Although the VB is on the large side, vapor quality is excellent - comparable to the Arizer Solo. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery lasts awhile, you won't need to buy expensive, messy butane like with the Iolite or WISPR. Very effective, completely silent, easy to clean.

The VaporBLUNT immediately caught my attention when I first saw some pictures of it online. The slim portable design with one button operation seemed like something I could really get into. After purchasing one and using it extensively here is what I thought.

The packaging the VaporBLUNT came in was really sleek. It had a picture of the Vapor BLUNT on it with a red vapor-like background. Always nice to see a vape get the packaging it deserves and not just a plain cardboard box.

Inside the box there was the VaporBLUNT itself, as well as a cleaning brush, bamboo cleaning stick, wall charger, 2 mouthpieces and instruction manual. One mouthpiece was a standard white plastic mouthpiece and the other was a silicon flavored (mint) mouthpiece.

Vapor Blunt Vaporizer Rated

The Vapor Blunt is a lot bigger than what I had anticipated from the pictures. I saw it being more 5 or 6 inches and being pretty skinny. The VaporBLUNT ends up around 9 inches tall though, including the mouthpiece, and is about as thick as if you make a circle with your pointer finger and thumb.

The VaporBLUNT is also pretty lightweight, definitely not cumbersome to hold. Towards the upper middle of the vape is a nice little groove / indentation to hold the Vapor BLUNT by, making it really comfortable to hold.

Taking the stir tool cap off you can see how there is a screen attached to the end of the stir tool, giving you 2 screens total when you include the screen in the herb chamber. Over time I’ve learned that packing the Vapor BLUNT really tight gets the best results. So I usually pack it to the top and then put an additional pinch or two and then stuff it down. This will get you nice and thick vapor pulls, so thick in fact you might think you’re using a table top vape.

Vapor Blunt Power Light

I always use the VaporBLUNT in boost mode because I have found it produces a thicker vapor, but is still as smooth as when you are using the Vapor BLUNT on its standard setting. Halfway through be sure to twist the turn knob to keep your material stirring around and delivering fresh pulls.

When done I always make it a point to do two things; remove the screen and brush it off thoroughly and plug the Vapor Blunt into the charger. The rechargeable battery lasts through about an hour and a half of vaporization, so to play it safe I always charge it afterwards.

Removing the screen to clean it after each use is vital. If you don’t you risk leftover material building up and sticking the screen to the wall, making your life a pain. The screen is a little difficult to get out to begin with, so adding sticky leftover material definitely won’t help.

Vapor Blunt Screen

It can sometimes be a hassle to clean the herb chamber/screen out properly in between each and every load but its absolutely necessary to maintain optimal performance so you’ve got to do it.

The Vapor BLUNT is a solid portable vaporizer, one of the best in my opinion. The vapor quality is up there with some table top vapes I’ve tried and the convenience of one button operation and super fast heat up time can’t be beat. Plus, its super easy to use and can take a beating.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Vapor BLUNT 2.0
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  • out of luck

    I bought one in April of 2012 and it died in August of 2012. I opened it up and found a wire came off with no way to repair it. It worked great till this happened. Alot of money for only a few months of use.

    • bishop56

       Had a problem with my VB, hit up the manufacturer and they replaced it without issue. Just an idea, but maybe you shoulda reached out to them first before taking it apart?

  • Awkwardbutmeanswell

    Had my VaporBLUNT about and year and I can’t go without it. My go to when I wanna switch it up and gives my lungs a rest & sometimes my primary. I felt like I wasn’t getting good hits off it at first, (mostly for thinness of the vapor compared to the clouds I’m used to), or it would take awhile and a few empty hits to start producing vapor. I’m too impatient, so now I turn it on as I start to pack the bowl so about the time I’m done packing, it’s hitting nice from the jump. 

  • Look elsewhere

    I’ve had two VaporBLUNTs (one replaced under warranty) and I can tell you they will not hold up to regular use for longer than about 12 weeks.  The wiring close to the heater will corrode and cause the heater to become inoperable.   

    • UFeedMe

      That’s bullshit I’ve had my original VB for over a year and my Pinnacle is still going strong after a few months, I even dropped it several times and still fine. My VB 2.0 got RAINED ON outside and after a couple weeks of letting it sit and dry out charged up and works fine! I use these vapes HEAVILY. Some idiots just cannot handle any type of electronics without messing them up or taking them apart. If you aren’t good with things that have buttons or prefer to take things apart rather then use them then you should prolly just sick to your lame ass rolling papers.

    • Eric

      I’ve had mine for a year and I use it daily. Don’t tell me it will not hold up for regular use lmao Get a new one, you have up to a year on warranty.

  • Joshua Manning

    cant wait to try it it sounds very nice

  • DDD

    I just received my vapor blunt this week, …but it doesnt seem to produce a vapor cloud like what I’m seeing in videos from other users, tried packing it loose and got no vapor packed it tight and got very little vapor,.. I have tying to get vapor all week with this thing and it just does not produce vapor like advertised,…not happy at all with this!!!!!!!! send it back for a refund, and keep looking for something that works!!!!!

  • Eric

    For me, the most important part when it comes to vapes is the potency of pulls. I have two friends who have vape pens: AGO G6?G5? and my other friend has the snoop dog and they are fine, but the vaporblunt will kick your ass! I’ve had a vaporblunt for a year now and it is BY FAR the easiest to clean, the most bad ass looking, and the strongest vape out of the vapes my friends own. I bought it from a store just based on how cool it looks, cause it looks so POWERFUL compared to the other silly vape pens. It basically looks like a huge dutch that I could see Marley smoking out of! But it’s not just cool looking, it is really a great vaporizer and the effects it will give you are what you actually want; clean, alert, and energetic. Be wise, vaporize!

    p.s. if you’re a stubborn old-school dude, dont underestimate it just cause it’s not a water pipe cause this little thing will truly kick your ass