How To Clean the Palm 2.0

Cleaning this little dandy of a vape really is a straightforward process that requires minimal time and only moderate attention to the current state of your airflow chamber and screen. A nifty cleaning brush is included which definitely seems to do a satisfactory job on the screen and will, in a pinch, serve it’s due purpose and get most of the debris off the screen. Continue reading

How To Use The Palm 2.0

Using the Palm 2.0 couldn’t be easier, but there are a few decent pointers to make note of, and so we’re going to cover our bases here with you, the inquisitive vaper. First off, make sure your herb is super ground up. As with many tiny vapes, the chambers run small, and an even generous airflow is most times at a premium. Thus, make sure your particles of of the smallest size possible to combat this unfortunate aspect on highly mobile vaping. Next, pop open the plastic shell and fill the screen to the top. Again, do not tamp down the material in any way, shape or form for the above stated reasons. Close the lid, and you’re ready to rock. Continue reading

Palm 2.0 Review

When I first laid my eyes on the Palm 2.0, I felt a bit tripped out. I mean, anyone who knows what I’m sayin’ knows what I’m sayin’. The thing has an original design to the say the least. ..well, almost. Of course seasoned vape heads will see the battery and think of the Launch Box straight away. And of course this unit ultimately functions in a very similar manner. There are some differences of course, and it will be solely on the end user to determine which comes out on top. So enough about the Magic Flight. On with the review so you can be your own judge. Here’s my take for what it’s worth.

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Palm Vaporizer Tips and Tricks

Packing the Palm Vaporizer

  • With the Palm Vape you want to fill the chamber completely. Most refer to it as a “trench” because it isn’t a typical herb chamber or bowl. Fill this trench right up to the top, but do not pack it down because that will make the material on bottom touching the screen easy to burn.
  • When using oils or concentrates keep the material in the center. If while vaporizing it start to move to one side or another use a stir tool to put it back in the center. This will ensure none builds up in the corners of the trench, making cleaning difficult in the future.

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Review: The Palm Vaporizer

With the Palm Vape’s recent release it has gotten a lot of attention right out of the gate. I attribute this to two things, it being made by the same manufacturer’s behind the already incredibly successful VaporBLUNT and the fact that it is gunning for the Magic Flight Launch Box’s market. But does it live up to all the hype?

The box the Palm arrives in is very nice, similar to the packaging the VB comes in with a black and red color scheme with “palm” across the top and side with a picture of this little portable vape. It’s always nice to deliver a good first impression and the Palm Vape does just that with its packaging alone.

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