VaporBLUNT Sale: Free Priority Shipping, 4-Piece Grinder, Herb Jar and 10% Off!


VaporBLUNT Sale

I got some absolutely awesome deals on by VaporBLUNT and my VaporBLUNT 2.0 and I have to share them with all of you.

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Review: Does the VaporBLUNT live up to the hype? A closer look.


The VaporBLUNT immediately caught my attention when I first saw some pictures of it online. The slim portable design with one button operation seemed like something I could really get into. After purchasing one and using it extensively here is what I thought.

The packaging the VaporBLUNT came in was really sleek. It had a picture of the Vapor BLUNT on it with a red vapor-like background. Always nice to see a vape get the packaging it deserves and not just a plain cardboard box.

Inside the box there was the VaporBLUNT itself, as well as a cleaning brush, bamboo cleaning stick, wall charger, 2 mouthpieces and instruction manual. One mouthpiece was a standard white plastic mouthpiece and the other was a silicon flavored (mint) mouthpiece.

Vapor Blunt Vaporizer Rated

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Pinnacle Vaporizer Sale: Free Priority Shipping, 4-Piece Grinder, Herb Jar and 10% Off!

Pinnacle Vaporizer Sale

If you are looking to pick up one of VaporBLUNT’s newest vaporizers I have found the place with the best deal, hands down. Continue reading

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

VaporBLUNT is at it again. Never resting on their laurels they took one of the best vapes out there, the Pinnacle, and decided to go ahead and make some highly requested improvements. We’ve seen this before both with the Palm and the original VaporBLUNT with some pretty good results.

But is it worth picking up a new one? Should you just stick with the original? All valid questions that need some answering. Read on and see how I felt the Pinnacle Pro stacked up against the original I loved so much.

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

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How to Clean the Pinnacle

Cleaning this little marvel couldn’t be simpler, but I’m still gonna walk you through it to make sure you’re properly on the job. Continue reading

Pinnacle Vaporizer Review

It’s always a nice treat to have the good fortune to test and try a truly enjoyable vaporizer. And then similarly, I suppose the opposite can be also said for a lackluster offering. That’s why I felt so lucky to have spent the day with this little darling of a vape called the Pinnacle.

And at just five and a half inches, it definitely fits the bill to be called little, though it isn’t going to disappear in your hand like some of the truly mini-vapes. That’s ok though, because some of us simply need more power, and that’s where a bigger portable really shines. Pinnacle Vaporizer Review

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Palm Original VS Palm 2.0

Palm VS Palm 2.0

Some more inter-family battles going down, this time it’s the original Palm vaporizer up against the newer Palm 2.0 vape. Continue reading

VaporBLUNT VS VaporBLUNT 2.0

VaporBLUNT VS VaporBLUNT 2.0

Sibling rivalry at its best. Does the VaporBLUNT 2.0 make the original VaporBLUNT obsolete? Continue reading

How to clean the VaporBLUNT 2.0

How to Clean the VaporBLUNT 2.0

There’s not a whole lot of info regarding this matter on the internet, so I’m just gonna tell you what I do to keep this little beaut’ tip-top and purring like a kitten. Continue reading

How To Clean the Palm 2.0

Cleaning this little dandy of a vape really is a straightforward process that requires minimal time and only moderate attention to the current state of your airflow chamber and screen. A nifty cleaning brush is included which definitely seems to do a satisfactory job on the screen and will, in a pinch, serve it’s due purpose and get most of the debris off the screen. Continue reading

How to use the VaporBlunt 2.0

Loading The VaporBLUNT 2.0

First thing we’re going to do is unscrew the trim ring down near the base of the unit, and fill out herb chamber. It is very important to note that while you should completely fill the space with material do not tamp or pack it down in any way, shape or form. This will inhibit airflow and give you a sub-optimal experience. Continue reading

How To Use The Palm 2.0

Using the Palm 2.0 couldn’t be easier, but there are a few decent pointers to make note of, and so we’re going to cover our bases here with you, the inquisitive vaper. First off, make sure your herb is super ground up. As with many tiny vapes, the chambers run small, and an even generous airflow is most times at a premium. Thus, make sure your particles of of the smallest size possible to combat this unfortunate aspect on highly mobile vaping. Next, pop open the plastic shell and fill the screen to the top. Again, do not tamp down the material in any way, shape or form for the above stated reasons. Close the lid, and you’re ready to rock. Continue reading